Air Warriors Rapid Fire Tek

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Air Warriors Rapid Fire Tek Description

Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Rapid Fire Tek is a clip-fed, lever action dart blaster. Put the darts into shells and load them into the clip. Attach the clip to your blaster and you’re ready for target practice! Swing the lever to advance your ammo, and pull the trigger to launch your dart. Pulling the lever again will eject your empty shell and set you up to launch again. Hit targets up to 55 feet away! Includes blaster, 6 soft foam suction darts with shells and clip. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older. Buzz Bee Toys sells the ultimate arsenal of soft and wet weapons. Drench your opponents with a wide variety of water blasters, or attack with foam weaponry; toy guns for a long distance assault or play swords and daggers for hand to hand combat. From pools to parks and beaches to backyards, you’re armed and ready for fun! Buzz Bee Toys is a member of the ALEX Brands family of products.

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