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Kendama USA – Kaizen Kendama – Specialty – Zebrano

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Kendama USA – Kaizen Kendama – Specialty – Zebrano Description

KAIZEN is the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement. We’ve applied this concept to our production process, aiming to improve every product that we put our name on. Each part of the Kaizen Kendama has been meticulously thought out by the Kendama USA team, making enhancements with the future of Kendama play in mind. The result is an affordable, premium Kendama specially crafted for the serious enthusiast. The Kaizen Kendama features a 3 piece construction with traditional Japanese style handle assembly. We have updated the Ken shape for precision balance, and the tama bevel has been widened for enhanced play. We’ve intentionally set our starting spike length shorter out of the box. This allows the sarado to settle over time, eventually bringing the spike into an ideal length after a few sessions without going past the ‘point of no return.’ Zebrano is a porous wood species with a light brown color. Dark pinstripes run vertically down the tama for a visually striking effect. Zebrano is less dense than some of the other Kaizen Exotics. It will dent under impact, breaking in nicely for stall tricks. *Please note that the grain structure for exotic wood species are different than the beech wood found in most Kendamas. Any wooden toy is expected to show wear after being played with. To keep your Kendama in good condition, we suggest playing gently over softer surfaces like carpet or grass. The exotic woods can crack or chip easier than beech wood if dropped on a hard surface, so please play these beauty’s responsibly. KAIZEN FEATURES: Traditional Assembly Exotic Zebrano Wood Updated Ken Shape Widened Tama Bevel

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