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THE ULITMATE COLA CAPER The SILKOLA has been around for a long time. The effect is basic. A handkerchief is made to disappear then reappears inside a sealed soda bottle hidden within a tube. The Wack-o-Magic version has SEVERAL significant improvements over every other Silkola sold before. What makes Wack-o-Magic’s SILKOLA different? #1: It comes complete: An Ungimmicked Plastic 1/2 Liter Bottle, a Super Smooth-Laser Cut Bottle Cap, Special Tube (it’s an all new graphic on the outside and it’s OPEN on BOTH ENDS!) , Two 12 x 18 Specially Printed Silks, and a Silk Vanishing Top Secret printed Bank Bag made JUST FOR THIS TRICK. #2: The special gimmick has a beaded end. There will be no more poking holes in your silks. This also allows the use of a MUCH larger silk. #3: The routine makes sense. Magician/ Consultant Walt Anthony has written a PERFECT routine that follows a couple of thieves during their GREAT BIG COLA HEISt!! Watch as the secret recipe is stolen, vanishes, and reappears back in the Cola

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