Square Carpeted Platform Swing

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Square Carpeted Platform Swing Description

This square platform swing is useful in the development of a child’s sensory and vestibular systems!. Different movement sensations and repetitive swinging motion has been known to help calm and regulate and over stimulated child. The platform swing is hand-crafted from 100% Baltic Birch, measuring 30” x 30”, supports up to 300lbs, and is carpeted for extra comfort. Includes 2 safety connectors. Rope length is 72′ from platform to safety connector. The platform swing enables parents and therapists to work with children on vestibular orientation, linear acceleration, balance reactions and motor planning. Our portable platform swing is designed for comfort flexibility, and portability. The platform swing is perfect for challenging balance, instant vestibular stimulation and postural adjustments. The rope under the handles is covered with clear tubing for sanitation and comfort. The carpeted surface provides extra comfort and tactile input for children who crave textures. This platform swing is very popular in therapy clinics and schools. The high quality will help it last through many kids plus provide fun and learning.

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