Super Box of Jokes & Pranks

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Super Box of Jokes & Pranks Description

This is it! A box loaded with 25 of our BEST jokes and pranks. Everything you’ll need to drive your family and friends nuts. Here is what you’ll get: Bandaged Finger, Bar Bug, Bill Snatcher, Blue Mouth Candy, Fake Poop, Cockroach Chewing Gum, Dirty Face Soap, Disappearing Ink, Fart Candy, Fart Whistle, Fish Candy, Hand Buzzer, Hot Toothpicks, Instant Worm, Itch Powder, Rattlesnake Eggs, Shock Gum, Shock Pen, Wolf Whistle, Smelly Feet Treats, Sneezing Powder, Squirt Catsup, Squirt Toilet Seat, Trick Rubber Pencil and Whoopee Cushion.

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