How and where does the data flow to the darknet?

“Now the entire database, as in the 2000s, can no longer be stolen. But the operators who work with them — in the police, the FMS, banks, mobile operators — provide services for “penetration”. There is a large chain of intermediaries working here. Getting a bank statement is the easiest. It happens like this: the operator is sitting somewhere in the regions, checked the credit history of two customers, and the third check is the same “punch” that he just photographs on his phone,” says Nikitin.

It is technically difficult to prevent this, despite the built—in protection – DLP systems [3].

Group-IB has not yet encountered biometrics leaks, because no one yet understands how to make money on it. Now many banks want to introduce a single biometric system to remotely issue loans. If it works, then biometric data will become interesting to someone.